War can be an Experience of both Heaven and Hell

Many combat veterans have a love/hate relationship with their wartime experiences. They love the profound sense of purpose that their liv...

Deployment-related Professional Development Resources

I know that units ramping up for a deployment are incredibly busy. You want to conduct professional-development sessions on deployment-related topics but may struggle to find the time to prepare them. In conjunction with your Association of the United States Army, for whom I’ve written for over a decade, we offer this compilation of off-the-shelf LPD packages. Each topic includes 2-3 articles from AUSA’s monthly ARMY magazine. We are pleased to support your professional-development program. 

Enforcing Standards within Bounds of Mission Command

Ethical Standards on Deployment

Preparing for and Dealing with Death

Preparing for and Dealing with Killing in War

Preventing and Healing Moral Wounds of War

The Experience of Being Wounded in War

Post-Deployment Stress, Support and Healing

The "Company Command" column in ARMY ran from 2005-2015 and refers often to the Company Command forum, which over the years evolved into the Junior Officer Forum,  https://juniorofficer.army.mil  I encourage junior officers and cadets to join their professional forum.

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