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A Third Form of Moral Injury

By Pete Kilner, Ph.D. version: 3-28-2017 w/ addendum at end, 3-29-2017
Currently, the literature on moral injury recognizes two forms of moral injury. I think that it’s overlooking a third form--a third cause--of moral injury.
Combat-related moral injury is caused not only (1) by feeling betrayed by an authority figure and (2) by doing actions that violate your own moral beliefs, but also (3) by encountering large-scale, senseless violence and suffering.

Comparing the 3 Forms of Moral Injury Level of violation Personal Organizational Divine Perceived violator of moral goodness Soldier himself Leader who wielded authority over the soldier Whoever is responsible for the world, aka, God. Victim’s response “I did something terrible. I’m a bad person.” “I was screwed by ‘higher.’ I trusted them literally with my life but was used and abused. I risked my life and took others’ lives, and my buddies died, for someone who didn’t care.” “No real God would allow this situation to take place. This is irrationa…