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Deployment-related Professional Development Resources

I know that units ramping up for a deployment are incredibly busy. You want to conduct professional-development sessions on deployment-related topics but may struggle to find the time to prepare them. In conjunction with your Association of the United States Army, for whom I’ve written for over a decade, we offer this compilation of off-the-shelf LPD packages. Each topic includes 2-3 articles from AUSA’s monthly ARMY magazine. We are pleased to support your professional-development program. 
Enforcing Standards within Bounds of Mission Command Bending the Rules: Ambiguous Standards, Falsified Records Cause Ethical Harm Standards on Remote Outposts
Ethical Standards on Deployment Leading our Soldiers to Fight with Honor  Divergent Ethics: Advising a Foreign Partner Who Has a Different Moral Code
Preparing for and Dealing with Death Zero KIA’s as an Organizational Goal? Leadership and the Death of a Soldier Leading our Soldiers After They Lose One of Their Own
Preparing for and Dealing with Kil…