NPR Interviews

The audiofiles of the interviews are available online: Here and Now, a 15-minute interview and the Leonard Lopate show, a 35-minute discussion that included WSJ reporter Greg Jaffe.

I'll be interviewed today (Wed, 24Aug) on the syndicated radio show Here and Now at 12:10pm EDT, and tomorrow (Thur, 25Aug) on WNYC's Leonard Lopate show from 1:15-2pm EDT. Feel free to listen in and send me your feedback.


Pedro said...

I tuned in to your interview this afternoon. I am very happy to hear these issued aired. I will be examining your thinking more closely and will have more to say but briefly for now:
1) In regard to "anti war people', I would hope that we are all anti war people. Ethical soldiers definitely are. War needs to be a regrettable last resort. It is never conducted without killing innocent people. When one pulls the trigger and most certainly when one releases the bomb the moral dilemma goes far beyond the enemy soldiers.
2) The idea that "the Army encourages and rewards critical thinkers" needs to be examined. Certainly it happens and certainly the vast majority of the people in the military are forthright, ethical, intelligent people and probably critical thinkers. The degree and the limits of the militaries encouragement and rewards need to be qualified.
Thank you and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...


Well done. Today's discussion was much better than yesterday's. It is so much to think about.

Anonymous said...

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